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With the vast amount of information available these days regarding diets, supplements, and meal planning, it can be overwhelming to decipher what is accurate and relevant to you. Clinical nutrition is an excellent resource to help you identify the best approach to meet your existing needs at this time while providing a guideline for continued health in the future. It is the science of how we digest, absorb, transport, metabolize, and eliminate nutrients in the body. As such, Atlanta PT’s clinical nutrition services provide a science-based approach to assist you in identifying wise food choices, optimal nutritional supplementation, and detoxification procedures.

What can I expect if I am evaluated by a clinical nutritionist (CCN)? 

During the first appointment, the CCN will ask questions regarding your medical and family history, lifestyle habits, and dietary choices in order to establish an overall picture. Questions may cover topics regarding diet, difficulty with maintaining or losing weight, digestion, sleep patterns, exercise and relaxation routines.  A complete list of current supplements or medications will also be an important component to your profile. To get a complete picture of your nutritional lifestyle, laboratory testing may be reviewed or requested if deemed necessary. One such lab test that we offer is hair mineral analysis. Hair mineral analysis is an excellent way to gain a composite view of the last three to four months of your body’s metabolic output.  It is non-invasive and provides an overview of the body’s storage of minerals, toxic metals, and trends toward metabolic dysfunction leading to disease.

From the first meeting, a comprehensive approach is then utilized to identify nutritional deficiencies, underlying food sensitivities/allergies, and barriers to nutrient absorption to assist you in your weight loss, health restoration, and optimal health goals.  By incorporating lifestyle components of stress management, detoxification procedures, sleep patterns, and tailored laboratory testing, long standing barriers to wellness can be identified and addressed.

Who can benefit from clinical nutrition services? 

Our philosophy is that optimal health comes through nutrient dense real food, nutritional therapy supplementation when needed, and addressing underlying stress factors through healthy lifestyle choices. Studies have shown that we can drastically mitigate the development of chronic diseases through our food choices, stress management, and exposure to environmental toxins.  Our Certified Clinical Nutritionist will work with you to begin incorporating these components in your life and provide guidance, support, and encouragement to experience your best potential for wellness. Our bodies possess the incredible ability to heal and self-regulate when the barriers to health are removed and the proper building blocks are provided.  We strive to provide comprehensive services to provide nourishment to the body, mind, and spirit to assess our deepest potential.

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