Dizziness and Balance

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Atlanta PT offers specialized treatment for the Vestibular System, which is responsible for controlling precise body movements, balance or equilibrium, and sense of position. Balance disorders can be debilitating and lead to catastrophic events such as a fall with injury. Patients suffering from insults to this system may experience vertigo, balance problems, light-headiness, a floating feeling, nausea, blurred vision, confusion or disorientation.

We use specialized techniques to evaluate and treat the vestibular system to restore patients’ balance and wellbeing. Over eighty-five percent of balance disorders are related to the vestibular system, and the majority can be treated through vestibular rehabilitation, allowing patients to avoid medication dependency to lessen symptoms. Our treatment approach is comprehensive, so that all body systems are rehabilitated to their full potential, and patients are able to return to their prior level of function.

Conditions treated include:
• Vertigo
• Post- Concussion Syndrome
• Balance Impairment
• Headache

Tests and treatments include:
• Dix Hallpike
• Roll Test
• Epley Maneuver
• Sermont A and P
• Horizontal Liberatory Maneuver
• Appiani
• Vestibular Stimulation
• Vestibular Habituation
• Sensory Integration
• Manual Therapy
• Neuromuscular Re-education

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