Kent Osborn, PT

Kent Osborn, PT

“Through my training an osteopathic manual medicine, I understood that physical therapists were being limited by two fundamental factors. The first was not spending enough time listening to all the clues that patient can give, and second, treating the pain but not ever finding the root cause of the pain. It’s like punishing the victim and not the culprit! Patients trust that I will do my best to help them, and that has meant spending two and a half decades humbly learning how to listen, how to look for a root causes and how to have a plan A, B & C for each of those causes.”

Kent’s treatment approach integrates the evaluation and principles of osteopathic manual therapy with other systems of evaluation and treatment such as: trigger point dry needling, reflex techniques, and fascial manipulation. The mix of approaches depends greatly on the problems and needs of each patient.  His focus is often on the nervous system’s role in maintaining pain and dysfunction. Muscle and joint tightness, along with pain, are often just reflections of how the nervous system has adapted a protective response to what it perceives as an injury.

Kent graduated from the University of Florida in 1994 with a bachelor’s in physical therapy and brings over 25 years experience successfully treating patients. His first degree was from Auburn University. He specializes in complex orthopedic and pain patients.

Kent is excited to be part of the one-on-one team at Atlanta PT. He is a native of Orlando, but a loyal Auburn Tiger and Miami Dolphins fan. In his spare time, he enjoys bicycling, reading, hiking with his dogs, gardening and being part of the Atlanta Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango communities.

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