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Atlanta PT offers a comprehensive approach to assisting you in achieving your fitness or exercise related goals. Our personal trainers provide safe and effective workouts to clients of all fitness levels with programs that are varied and geared toward improving your health and wellness. Whether you are an individual wishing to return to normal activities after an injury or an athlete training for a specific event, your personalized session is geared toward helping you achieve your goals. By providing you with accountability, motivation, education, and direction, you will be fast on your way to optimal results. Your session may include some of the following modalities:

  • TRX Suspension Training | Total Body Resistance exercise is achieved through using your body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and joint stability.
  • Kettlebells | By incorporating full-body functional movements with the use of kettlebells, muscle sculpting, cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and improved balance are rapidly achieved.
  • RedCord | A functional exercise therapy designed to isolate planes of movement and train specific muscle groups to provide better whole body integration, motor control, and proper activation of muscular stability.
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