Shelley Brown CPT, CCN


Shelley Brown is a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology where her fascination with the human body sparked her to diversify her engineering studies with a focus in biochemistry. As a former high school and college athlete, Shelley recognized at an early age the importance of proper nutrition for competitive athletic performance and endurance, but more importantly for long-term health and vitality.  An ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Pilates instructor, Yoga instructor (RYT) and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, she has worked with a diverse population in both private instruction and corporate settings to assist individuals in developing strength, agility, and a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. 

 Shelley believes that the body is healed through supplying it with nutrient dense foods, targeted nutritional supplements, specific detoxification procedures and functional fitness. As opposed to treating symptoms, which are simply a manifestation of deep cellular imbalances, Shelley utilizes holistic modalities to determine the underlying root causes of disease.  Working with two integrative physicians, she assists individuals in addressing long-standing concerns and mitigating the development of chronic degenerative conditions.  This is accomplished through the use of laboratory testing, hair mineral analysis, dietary guidelines based upon specific oxidation rate, implementation of stress management skills and targeted exercise. Shelley’s desire is that everyone would realize that living life in optimal health is possible. When you supply your body with the proper building blocks and assist it in removing toxic layers of adaptations and compensations, the potential to achieve your goals is well within reach!