Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a doctor's prescription for physical therapy?

No, in the state of Georgia you can see your physical therapist for 21 days or eight visits, whichever comes first, prior to receiving a referral from your medical doctor. The exceptions are patients who currently have Medicare, who are required to obtain a physical therapy referral prior to the initiation of physical therapy.

What makes Atlanta PT different?

Our physical therapy program is built on a unique model, offering high quality one-on-one patient care. We see all patients for 50-60 minute sessions which allows us to give patients individualized care, and ultimately helps us get better results that last. Each treatment is delivered by YOUR physical therapist, so that your care is consistent, and your goals are achieved.

Is physical therapy covered by insurance?

Physical therapy is a covered service through most insurance providers. As a courtesy to our patients, we are happy to verify your benefits for you and bill your insurance at the time of service. We are currently in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. Even if you do not have either of these providers, your insurance may offer out of network benefits that can be used. Call us today at (770) 989-1405 to work with a patient services specialist to assess your benefits and discuss your options.

Why is Atlanta PT out-of-network with my insurance provider?

Our providers are mostly out-of-network because we found that the current constraints many health insurance companies place on physical therapy do not allow us to provide the quality of care we desire to provide. All of our patients are seen for 50-60 minutes, one-on-one, which may be a different model than what you have seen in traditional physical therapy. Because we see our patients for longer sessions providing individualized care, our patients typically get better faster and do not need to be seen in physical therapy for as long as they may need to be seen elsewhere. For patients with a high deductible or no out-of-network benefits, we do offer a reduced cash-pay rate as an option.

How many times will I have to come?

That varies among people. If you would like to speak with a physical therapist, he or she can likely give you more specific information. The easiest thing to do is to come for an initial evaluation. At that time, your therapist will be able to give you more information on what he/she thinks will be beneficial to you. We strive to partner with our patients to help you get better as quickly as possible.

My doctor gave me a referral for pelvic floor therapy, why can't I just go to my regular therapist?

Our pelvic floor therapists have all received specialized treatment in pelvic floor dysfunction. They are highly trained and will evaluate your muscles, ascertain the cause of your specific symptoms, and determine the best plan of care. You will have one-on-one treatment by YOUR physical therapist every session. Your privacy is of the utmost importance and we have private treatment rooms for your privacy and comfort.

What are some of the ways that physical therapy can help me?

Physical therapy can help a multitude of symptoms and dysfunctions. Our goal at Atlanta PT is to assess your movement, create an individualized plan to address any mobility or strength deficits, then teach you how to incorporate a more optimal movement pattern into your day to help decrease your symptoms and improve our overall quality of life. You don’t have to live with pain or stop doing the things you love. Come get evaluated by a PT now to begin the road to recovery.

What are the conditions you treat most commonly?

As physical therapists, we are all experts in movement assessment and the musculoskeletal system. We treat any aches or pains you have that limit your normal activities. In addition, we treat specialities like bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunctions (pelvic PT) , such as, incontinence with or without activity, painful sex, or constipation. Another specialization is treatment for TMJ (pain in the jaw), as well as vestibular therapy (treating vertigo and balance problems). At Atlanta PT, we help you improve overall performance by assessing your movement patterns and identify any asymmetries, reduce or eliminate your pain, and help prevent the possibility of injuries in the future.

Will PT be painful?

Our goal is not to inflict pain on our patients, but sometimes changing range of motion, improving soft tissue health and increasing muscle strength can be uncomfortable in the short term. We believe in listening to the patient and tailoring our treatments based on your needs with our overarching goal to improve your pain, not cause you pain!

Can I do any exercises at all?

Yes, in fact it is encouraged! After meeting with your physical therapist, there will be a plan of care made to help you manage/decrease your symptoms and return to the things you love. During the sessions a home program will be established so that you can continue to improve in between treatment sessions. Our physical therapists are here to help you become more independent in your healing and are easy to reach if you have any questions about your home program. Our goal at Atlanta PT is to give you the tools to help yourself!

What do you expect from me as a patient?

Atlanta PT is proud of the privacy they offer each patient by treating in a private room. Our hope is that you will openly discuss your problems and how they impact you on a daily basis, and be eager to learn how to take control of your pain through different movements and manual treatments. We expect you to be compliant with your home exercise program to help progress your healing timely, so that you can get back to being you!

How many times per week do I need to come to PT to get results?

We get that question a lot, but every diagnosis and patient has a different prescription. At Atlanta PT, every patient gets an individualized plan of care depending on the needs. However, we expect that most patients will see a significant difference in 3 visits, and should potentially be meeting their goals in 4-6 weeks. Where some patient’s need 2-3 times a week to get started, others may only need 1 visit per week. Our goal is to give you the tools to help yourself, so that as your plan of care progresses your frequency will decrease, and eventually become independent with your home program at discharge.

How long does each PT session last?

All our sessions are booked for one hour sessions. All of our visits are one on one and you will always have the same therapist along your recovery journey.

How long does it usually take patients to recover?

Everyone is unique, so your treatment will also be unique. Our goal is to decrease your pain and improve your mobility as soon as possible, but on average we see patients for about 6-8 sessions.

What happens during my PT session?

During your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will listen to your concerns and functional limitations, then perform a thorough exam to hone in on the problem and how to improve it. The first session will be a mix of talking, assessment, and treatment followed by establishing your home exercise program. The follow up sessions will be a mixture of hands on treatment to improve symptoms and mobility followed by activities to reeducate your body’s motor pattern, improving your strength and function. Each session will be focused on you and your goals!

How does telehealth work for a physical therapy session?

Telehealth is a great option when you are unable to come into the clinic. Your physical therapist will be able to assess your mobility and function through your demonstration and verbal descriptions of pain, hear your concerns, and develop an individualized plan of care consisting of self mobilizations and exercises to get you out of pain and working toward recovery. Prior to your session you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into your session and what to expect. The sessions will still be one on one for about an hour.

Do you do performance training? Or recovery/restorative only?

We do it all! We love to help all athletes from school age, recreational, and professional! We enjoy treating athletes of different sports, and have a variety of athletes working at Atlanta PT (including diving, cycling, running, martial arts and equestrian)! We can improve your performance with any sport you are involved in and we have specialized equipment to help (like Alter-G treadmill, Redcord suspension and Pilates equipment)! Being experts in the musculoskeletal system we can assess your movement and identify any pattern that may be hindering your performance or could lead to potential injury before it occurs.

What if I sustained my injury playing sports? Can you help?

Of course! We have an experienced staff that can assess your movements and create a unique plan of care to help you get back to the sports you love, maybe even better than before your injury. We have amazing resources to help patients get back to activities even quicker, like our Alter G (anti gravity treadmill) and Redcord (suspension neuromuscular activation system), which help to reinforce optimal movement patterns and strengthen specific areas without causing pain or stress to the injury site.

Do you have any special training or certifications?

All of our therapists are highly educated. Each therapist has their doctorate of physical therapy, along with dry needling certifications. Different therapists have unique specialties and training like the orthopedic specialist certification (OCS), certified manual therapy training, TMJ, vestibular and intensive pelvic floor training.

Which insurance plans can you work with?

We are in network with Medicare and Anthem BCBS. For other carriers, our services would be covered depending on your out of network benefits. We are happy to verify your benefits prior to your first treatment. We will bill for treatment at the time of service. We choose to be out of network because we found that the current constraints many health insurance companies place on physical therapy do not allow us to provide the quality of care we desire to provide. All our patients are seen for about 60 minutes in one on one sessions, which may be a different model than what you have seen in traditional physical therapy. Because we see our patients for longer sessions providing individualized care, our patients typically get better faster and do not need to be seen in physical therapy for as long as they may need to be seen elsewhere.

What's the fee if I pay you directly?

Self Pay is always an option too! The cost of an initial evaluation is $175 and the follow up visits are $155.

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