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Pilates Ladder Barrel

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By Katie Moise PT, DPT 

As the name suggests, the Pilates Ladder Barrel consists of a ladder-like rung as well as an arc-shaped barrel. Rumor has it that Joseph Pilates first created this piece of equipment using a steamer truck and a ladder! The barrel sits on a sliding base that can be adjusted based on leg length or torso size. The Pilates Ladder Barrel is the only apparatus that does not have springs attached. There is a large ladder barrel as well as smaller pieces of equipment called the arc barrel and spine corrector.  



Joseph Pilates developed these pieces of equipment to help facilitate spinal movements into flexion and extension while opening your chest and improving overall posture. You can perform a variety of strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises on this apparatus.

The Pilates Ladder Barrel helps isolate deep stabilizing muscles and challenges the body in all planes of movement.




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